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Soulo News

We are excited to announce our latest app update, which includes our new Video FX feature! Record your video against a background of clouds, or sing one of our St Paddy’s Day favorites with a festive Shamrock overlay! Even more background and overlay selections will be available soon! Watch the video tutorial to learn more. (requires iPad 2.) Posted › 03.08.2012

DLC Update


- Tulsa Time
- Shambla


See if you can sing Fresh Prince of Bel Air without looking at the words, one of the new karaoke tracks in the Soulo library this week! posted by SouloKaraoke


Grab your iPad or iPhone and your Soulo Mic and lets get the party started!

Soulo Ipad and Iphone


Soulo's professional-caliber voice enhancement features give you the confidence and the sound to give a star-worthy performance!


Pitch Enhancement

Pitch enhancement helps keep your voice tuned to the right key for any Soulo songs, so you'll never have to worry about sounding flat. Adjust to Full for a robotic hard pitch shift, Lite for a more natural effect, or turn it off completely.


Guide Vocals

Songs purchased from the Soulo library include an adjustable guide vocal that can be turned up if you need some help with the tune, or turned off completely if you're ready to sing by yourself.


Voice Effects

Soulo Karaoke for iPad adds additional built-in voice effects Reverb, Echo and Tone to give your performance a professional and polished sound.

Build your
Karaoke Collection

The Soulo library contains a large selection of both new and classic hits to choose from, with more songs being added regularly.

music_note Selections from the Soulo library
  • Love Me
  • Fireflies
  • I Wanna Dance...
  • Bubbly
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  • Secrets
  • I Will Survive
  • Love Song
  • A Thousand Miles
  • She Will Be Loved
  • Baby, One More Time
  • Chasing Pavements
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Candle In The Wind
  • Viva La Vida
  • Your Song
  • All Out Of Love
  • Don't Cha
  • Stand By Me
iTunes Integration

Rock Out to Your Music with
iTunes Integration

Soulo lets you rock out to any track in your iTunes library. Soulo even has a vocal suppression feature that lets you mute the original lead vocal in most songs to get the true karaoke experience.


Unleash Your
Performance with a
Soulo Microphone

Superior audio quality, professional craftsmanship.


Bigger Sound

The Soulo line of karaoke microphones optimize the karaoke experience and let your voice cut through the mix loud and clear.


Bigger Screen

Soulo Digital Wireless Mic includes a convenient video output jack built into the wireless receiver, so you can connect to your television and get your lyrics up on the big screen.


Bigger Stage

Soulo Digital Wireless Mic cuts the cord between you and the iPad so you can cut loose and have plenty of room without sacrificing sound. (Wired version with 10-foot cable also available.)

Soulo Mic now available at these
Major Retailers:
  • The Apple Store
  • Wal-Mart
  • Target
  • BJs
  • Brookstone
  • Apple Stores World Wide


Record and save your best performances.


Capture The Moment

Whether singing alone or with friends, Soulo lets you capture and save those moments of brilliance so you can enjoy them again and again.


Make Your Own Music Video
with Background & Overlay Effects!

Using the front-facing camera build into your iPhone or iPad 2, you can create your own karaoke music videos wherever you go! Recreate scenes from your favorite music videos, or create the video you always imagined for your favorite song. New Video Effects let you adda a special background or overlay to transport your videos into another realm!


Record Your Own Professional Audio

Using a first generation iPad? No problem. With Soulo you can record your amazing performances with audio only and still share them with the world! We're sure you look great, but with Soulo we KNOW you sound awesome


Show off your talent. With in-app access to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, you can show off your skills and share your performances with friends straight from your iPhone or iPad where ever you have an internet connection.

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